We are living through an era of high uncertainty and many organizations strive to cope. The only constant in this world is Change and by cultivating an agile way of working is the way to thrive in this VUCA world we are living.

The four mega issues organizations face are Prioritization, Working Product, Culture, and Organizational Refactoring. The necessary conditions to turn the mega issues to mega outcomes are the 3 key variables; People - Who is your customer (employees and customers), Process - How do you achieve results? (Engineering, developing and delivery) and Product - What do you make (your product/service)?

Agile leaders have various levers that enable business agility such as operational excellence, influence, customer-centricity, productive conflict, behavior and mindset and last but not least strategy development. Agile leaders must have the Courage to work on tough challenges, Focus on what they are doing, Commitment to the goals, need to Respect the people they work with and be Open with everyone.

Throughout my career as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Enterprise Agile Coach I have learnt that every time I "walk into" an organization for agile consulting, I always say that I know nothing. Every organization is unique, the people make it unique, hence, the strategy and approach to enable agility is always different.


is a professional services company that helps organizations cultivate an agile, team of teams culture, improve organizational health, adapt to market changes and build a customer-centric strategy by evolving to an agile way of working. Our process can help organizations improve performance and efficiency and start delivering TWICE the VALUE at HALF the COST.

Companies that show dedication to the Agile transformation journey cultivate a continuous improvement culture that responds fast to the market demands, have a better understanding of what their customers want and improve the organizational health.

We are located in Limassol, Cyprus offering a variety of services remotely and in-person.


We evaluate your current way of working, identify waste, build a backlog of initiatives and set a strategy to evolve your company and improve organizational agility.

We partner up and cultivate a continuous improvement culture, evolve the operating model to a "team of teams" way of working, increase the efficiency of your streams' lifecycles and improve organizational health.

We evolve to a customer centric approach, shape a better understanding of who is your customer, elevate their experience and happiness by establishing communication channels and incorporating their feedback in our backlogs so that to deliver them one after the other achieving quick wins in the market and shape your products and/or services to fit your customer's needs.
Our Values

Customer Centric

We listen, understand, implement and deliver

We love what we do

We enjoy what we do

We are a team of teams