Consulting Services

Companies face various challenges during their life journey and need to deal with them in order to keep up with the competition in the market that becomes tougher and tougher every year. In addition, unpredictable factors double the challenges and the need to respond faster to the market demands is essential.

Each and every company is unique, hence, the strategy we follow is different. We evaluate the nature of the challenges, dive in and suggest solutions that will help overcome any kind of situation. We cover a wide area of consulting services and can be done either remotely and/or in person. You can find below the areas of our expertise and can contact us to let us know how Scrum13 can help.
Strategy and Operations
Scrum13 consults on the Operating model and suggests improvements on how to evolve it in order to fully support the Vision and the Mission of the organization. We develop and implement the strategy forward and continuously evaluate the results and highlight improvement actions.

Productize ideas
From idea inception to get things done is one process and to discover the ideas is another. We partner-up and identify key ideas based on the customer profiles and consult on how to break it down into small pieces of work and deliver them to the customer.

People and Organization
Getting things done and maintaining employees' motivation, passion and drive at high levels, requires a strategic vision on the way the company works. During and post COVID era, companies went and going through a lot of adaptive and transformational changes. Companies accumulate organizational debt for every change they do and if the plan is not sufficient enough to manage it, then it ends up being toxic and processes become more and more dysfunctional making everyone's life harder.
Performance and efficiency
We identify touchbase efficiency metrics and motivation elements and develop a performance driven strategy. We offer a variety of consulting services from the evaluation process to the way the teams work and together we set measurable  targets of what we consider high performance and process efficiency. 

Agile culture

Cultivating an agile culture involves among other things, collaboration, good communication, understanding, minimum bureaucracy, fast decision making and accountability. Agility is the key for every organization that wants to adapt to changes and respond fast to the customer needs.

Weather you are new or have experience in Scrum, we partner up and provide feedback on the current way of working and suggest ways to evolve Scrum in such a way that would fit best to your organization and people. We assist on setting up Scrum Teams and product backlogs and consult, guide, mentor and train on Scrum.
Customer centric is strategy that the main focus is to provide the best possible experience to the customer and build your brand and products loyalty. We partner up and build a process that will help us better understand the customer's situation, perception and expectation.

Management / Leadership
We consult, guide, mentor and train how to evolve from Management to Leadership style by diving into the two major versions of Agile Leaders which is the leader in and of an agile organization. We consult on: (1) How both traditional and agile parts of the organization can co-exist and work well together and (2) How leaders can enable business agility through the Levers and Key variables they have available.

Remote / Hybrid
Switching to and from remote, hybrid and office work is considered to be an adaptive change and can accumulate organizational debt if it's not done based on a plan taking into consideration all the human factors that can be influenced, both negatively and positively. We assist on identifying what fits best to the organization and implement the change taking into consideration the culture we need to cultivate to increase or maintain the performance, accountability and efficiency at high levels.