Innovation leads the way

Innovation is not just a process; is a mindset; is a culture; is a way of living. Companies work hard to deliver to the market their products or services and usually there is no time to develop the WOW factor. 

To come up with an innovative solution does not mean that we have to re-invent the wheel. Initially we need to identify the problem we want to solve, which it can be internal or external, and then trust the people that work in the company to come up with solutions.

The innovation strategy can be: (1) disruptive; a new technology or solution that will disrupt the market, (2) incremental; continuous improvement on existing products or services, (3) radical; transform an industry and create new markets or (4) sustaining; a specific improvement on a product or service that will sustain the position in the existing market. 
Setting up Innovation Process
There are multiple ways to set up an innovation process and encourage employees to think and develop without any constraints. You can either allocate specific time for innovation or incorporate the innovation culture in their way of working. The benefits deriving from setting up an innovation process are multiple for both, company and employees, such as increase of loyalty, inclusion, ownership, business outcomes etc.

Innovation and Hackathon events
We identify the problem we need to solve and undertake the delivery of an innovation or hackathon event. The events can be either exclusively available for your employees or expand the audience and invite people from the market and the venue can be either in the company premises or any other place outside the company. It can also be a weekend away combining team bonding activities, brainstorming workshops or trainings

The duration can vary according to the company needs. An innovation or hackathon event can last 24 to 72 hours continuously with full focus, or can be split in sessions across a timespan of a month or two. As soon as we decide the nature of the event, we propose various structures describing the nature of each one and how people are expected to work together and last but not least we agree on the date and venue and then we deliver.

After the event, we make sure that the company works on the ideas and take actions. For the company is important as the time invested met the expectations and had an actual business outcome and for the employees is important because they actually get to see their ideas becoming reality and increases loyalty, ownership and engagement.